Jim - Vox and Screaming




Pezza - Rhytm Guitar

Pezza - born 15.08.79 in canning town,east London Got into rock at school and met Jim when he was 12 years old. Began playing guitar for fun aged 14 and eventually recorded a 5 track cd of mellow rock with Jim in 2001 under the name of "QUALM" Formed "BUNCHA KUNTZ" with Jim and Gazza and moved into metal. Recorded E.P "OUT OF SENSE, OUT OF MIND" before re-making the band SCHIST.




Marcin Pajak (Spider) - Lead guitar

Marcin - born 21.10.1982 in Kielce, Poland - was studying music for 2 years and during that time founded heavy metal band "Stone Heads". After finishing his studies in 2003 he moved to London (UK) where with his friend Tomasz F (the drummer) started a new project "OUT OF HEAVEN". At the same time he was looking for another band to play in and in October 2007 joined Schist as a leading guitarist.