The history of Schist began in 2002 when Jim (vocals and guitar), Pezza (bass), Dynamo (guitar and vocals) and Nig (drums) formed BUNCHA KUNTZ.

At the begining they played a mix of their original material and covers (anything from HAWKWIND to NINE INCH NAILS).

The band played live shows and recorded E.P. "Out of sense - out of mind". Soon after the name of the band was chaged to SCHIST and new guitarist, Rob Lewis, joined (2006).

Schist then recorded the  "Pure" E.P. Few months after the line-up changed and SCHIST cosisted of five members: Jim (vocals), Pezza (guitar), Dynamo (bass), Rob Lewis (guitar) and Charlotte (drums).

The band played all over the country with only a brief halt in February/ March 2007 when Charlotte left and Striga joined.

The rest of the year was spent playing gigs and recording "The curse of" E.P.

The year ended as it began - with another line-up change: Rob left the band and so did Striga.

At that time it was not decided wether or not to carry on with so many line-up changes in such a short period of time.

Luckily, the new guitarist, Marcin (Spider) joined in October 2007 with new ideas and soon after Tomasz (current drummer) was found to replace Striga.

Since then Schist carries on with playing gigs and working on the new material. The gigs are played frequently, mostly in London,  and the album "Tribulation" will be ready to buy soon on our website.